Locations for resettlement

How did you choose where Roma would live?
Are they moving to a location they chose?

Allocation of housing units is not a sporadic process. The project team is conducting consultations with the beneficiary families about their needs and preferences. It is important that all consulted men, women and families fully understand the criteria so that they can make a well-informed decision.

Furthermore, Roma men and women will be involved in developing a rulebook, which will define selection criteria for allocation of a housing unit.  The flats will be assigned in a transparent manner, and in line with the established legal administrative procedures in Serbia. This will grant beneficiaries the right to legal remedy.


Some of the housing locations that were discussed are far away from the City centre.

All housing will be in locations that encompass the main attributes of the right to adequate housing: access to social services, education, health, public transport, access to the places of employment, and similar. The criteria for the evaluation of the sites have been agreed by the donor and all project partners.


Roma may have not been to any of the locations you are proposing.
How can they make informed decision on resettlement?

The project enables participation of Roma men, women and families throughout its implementation. For example, presentations about each location that meets the criteria for selection of sites has been held in all settlements where beneficiaries currently reside. In addition, site visits have been organised to each proposed site so that Roma men, women and families can get the first hand insight into new neighbourhoods.

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