Available housing solutions

What housing solutions will be offered to Roma people?

There are three different housing options that are offered to Roma men, women and families:

1) Social housing in multi-family blocks
2) Repairing of the existing private houses to meet the minimum adequate housing standards
3) Purchase of village houses.


Will the Roma own the houses?

As in all other social housing programmes in Serbia, the City of Belgrade will own the buildings as part of its own social housing stock. The beneficiaries will use the apartments on terms that will be defined through this project. The extension of tenure, which will also be agreedduring the project implementation, will be in accordance with the existing legislation and international standards, and conditional on the contract holder continuing to qualify as a socially vulnerable person in need of social housing.

The project team shall facilitate development of tenancy contracts that respect human rights standards and avoid any kind of discrimination.


How can Roma afford to pay the utility bills?

The conditions of social housing will guarantee that the utility bills don’t jeopardize subsistence of families, while the contract will provide guarantees vis-à-vis legal security of tenure.


Roma don’t know how to maintain the building or to keep communal hygiene, why should they live in a block of flats?

This is one of the common prejudices against Roma, especially against the extremely poor people. We must respect basic human rights of these families, including the right not to be discriminated. This project will assist Roma families to upgrade the quality of their life in line with the upgrade in the living standards that this project brings by organising discussion and consultations on maintenance of buildings, security, communal hygiene and environment protection.

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